Glass, Ornamental, Karbon & PVC and Chain Link Fences


At Clôtures Atlantis, your satisfaction is the driving force behind our success.

At Clôtures Atlantis, we’re proud to offer a complete range of fencing solutions to meet all your needs. From the sleek modernity of glass fencing to the traditional strength of chain link, we have the perfect solution for every project.

Glass fencing: sophistication at its best. These fences or the glass railing offer a breathtaking view while guaranteeing safety. Perfect for pools, terraces or balcony railings, they bring a transparent elegance that visually enlarges the space while providing a secure barrier. 

Ornamental fences: These fences combine aesthetics and functionality. With models like Atlantic, Arctic, Baltic and Oceanic, not to mention curved and radius designs, they’re designed to impress while protecting. They are ideal for residences, parks and institutional buildings. Made from high-quality materials such as aluminum, wrought iron and galvanized steel. Aluminum ornamental fencing is your best choice, as it won’t rust. 

Karbon/PVC and Composite fences: Combining durability and aesthetics, these fences are weather-resistant and require minimal maintenance. They’ll also give you ironclad privacy. Available in a range of colors, they can blend in with any landscape or architecture, while offering the privacy and protection you need.

Chain link fences (Frost): Renowned for their strength and efficiency, these fences are ideal for delimiting fields or play areas. With the option of privacy slats, they can also offer a degree of privacy while remaining economical and durable.

Every fence we install is the fruit of refined expertise and a passion for quality. At Clôtures Atlantis, our goal is to provide our customers with a fencing solution that not only meets their practical needs, but also enhances the aesthetics of their property. Contact us to find out how we can transform your space.