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Ornamental Fences Privacy Option

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Looking for an elegant and functional solution to secure your property while preserving your privacy? Our ornamental fencing combines the best of modern engineering and traditional design. Available for Arctic and Baltic models.

Uncompromising privacy

Privacy and design

But the most important feature of our fences is our PVC privacy option. Designed for those looking to combine aesthetics and discretion, this option transforms your fence into a real bulwark against prying eyes. PVC is not only UV-resistant, but also provides excellent soundproofing. This combination of materials provides not only a physical barrier, but also a haven of peace away from external nuisances.

Homeowners will appreciate how easy our fences are to maintain. Aluminum, wrought iron and galvanized steel require minimal maintenance to keep their shine. As for PVC, a simple wipe down with water is all that’s needed to remove dirt and restore it to its original appearance.

Opting for our ornamental fencing with privacy option means choosing an elegant, long-lasting solution. It’s also the assurance of a sound investment for years to come. Whether you want to secure your garden, delimit your terrace or simply add a touch of elegance to your property, our fencing will meet all your expectations.

In short, combining the beauty of traditional design with the performance of modern materials, our ornamental fencing model in aluminum, wrought iron and galvanized steel with PVC privacy option is the ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise between aesthetics, security and privacy.

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Available for Arctic and Baltic models

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