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6 mm Glass Fence

Elegant Rugged Distinguished

At Clôtures Atlantis, we specialize in the installation of 6-millimeter tempered glass fences. Perfect for securing access to swimming pools and balconies, these fences comply with the new regulations in force in most towns and cities.


The Purity of Glass

The 6 mm glass fence will give your outdoor space optimum security and breathtaking modern aesthetics.Six-millimeter tempered glass is renowned for its lightness and discretion. Don’t let its thinness fool you: despite its reduced thickness, this glass is extremely resistant to impact and weathering, making it the ideal choice for residential use. What’s more, its sleek, transparent design blends in perfectly with any décor, giving you a clear, bright view of your surroundings.Our customers particularly appreciate the subtle elegance of six-millimetre glass. It adds a modern touch to any property while respecting its original character. It is also highly appreciated for its easy maintenance: a simple regular cleaning is all it takes to keep its shine. When you call on Clôtures Atlantis, you benefit from professional installation by our team of experts in the Laval, Montreal, North Shore and South Shore regions.At Clôtures Atlantis, choosing a six-millimeter tempered glass fence means choosing conformity, quality, aesthetics and discretion. Our tempered glass fences are more than just an investment: they reflect a modern, secure and sophisticated way of life.


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