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At Clôtures Atlantis, we excel in the sale and installation of ornamental fencing, particularly our flagship model, the “Baltique”. Inspired by the seductive charm of the Baltic Sea, this fencing model combines beauty, sturdiness and security, offering an ideal solution for any outdoor space.

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The beauty of the sea

The Baltique model is particularly appreciated for its ability to increase security while enhancing the aesthetics of your property. Made from high-quality materials such as aluminum, wrought iron and galvanized steel. This fence is strong enough to provide a reliable barrier, yet elegant and sophisticated.

Baltic fencing is perfect for many areas, including balconies, staircases and swimming pools. On a balcony or around a staircase, they provide a safety barrier without obstructing the view, while adding a touch of elegance. Around a swimming pool, the Baltique model ensures not only safety, but also a pleasant, welcoming outdoor space.

Our installation service is carried out by a team of experts dedicated to customer satisfaction. We pay attention to every detail to ensure impeccable installation, from choice of location to completion.

Choosing the Baltique model from Clôtures Atlantis means choosing the perfect compromise between safety and beauty. Whether you’re looking to secure your balcony, pool or embellish your stairs, our Baltic ornamental fences are the ideal solution for transforming your outdoor space into a safe and aesthetically pleasing place.

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