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Swimming pool fence regulations

At Clôtures Atlantis, your safety is important to us.

The new pool fence regulations have become a major issue for owners of in-ground, above-ground and even inflatable pools. From September 30, 2025, new standards come into force, significantly impacting safety around swimming pools. First, it’s crucial to understand that any pool 60 cm deep or more must be fenced. This includes all in-ground, above-ground and even inflatable pools.

Under the new regulations for pool fences, fences must be at least 1.2 metres high. This requirement is designed to prevent accidents, particularly among young children. In addition, these fences must prevent the passage of a spherical object 10 cm in diameter, a measure designed to avoid narrow passages.

What’s more, in-ground pool fencing regulations stipulate that fences must be difficult to climb. This means that they must be designed without easy points of support for feet or hands. In this way, safety is enhanced, reducing the risk of pool-related accidents.

It’s also important to note that these new rules apply to all pools, including inflatable and demountable models. The new regulations no longer grant acquired rights, even for earlier installations. As a result, every pool owner must ensure that his or her fence is compliant before the deadline.

Pool regulations aim to create a safer environment around swimming pools. This involves a considerable effort on the part of owners, but the stakes are well worth it: the prevention of accidental drowning and injuries.

In short, this new regulation on pool fencing is a step forward in the protection of pool users, especially children. With these regulations, every swimming pool, whether in-ground or not, will need to be surrounded by a secure, standard-compliant barrier. It is therefore essential for pool owners to familiarize themselves with these requirements and take the necessary steps to comply with the regulations. This will not only guarantee the safety of their pool, but also their peace of mind.

It will then be compulsory to install an in-ground pool fence or an above-ground pool fence.

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Find out more about Quebec’s new pool regulations at this link



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